break free the cage

set everyone free on this harmful little planet

Back hometown
After having dinner, start our journey around 9++pm...
we reach ht at 1 sth ...tired...
My papa, mummy and my little cute sister bought a cake for me...
So happy ^^
and it became my supper..haha

3 June 09

A surprise from my sis and her frens...thx a lot
i thought we just went to shop but surprisingly
i got my birthday present...
that day after finish the 4.30pm class,
a bit tired actually but shopping is such a good chance for me to relax
sure i will appreciate it...hahaha
we had a dinner at ...i also duno where is it
the strong wing there stop us from light up the candles
finally we decided to light up only 1 of the candles
this is a good idea actually as i can keep my age as a secret..hehe

...sem break juz finish, SiEnZ...
first time to post something here, so
a bit speachless...hehe
However, i need to thank Mr. Darryl
who help me to create the blog
and willings to replace me as
new Class Rep...TQ^^
Add Oil o...u can do it

watsuupppp people!=D
fyi, i'm darryl tee aka si comel.. Haha..
thats just a joke.
Well, i'm the one whom help grace to create her bloggie.
Look forward for her post and stay connected with her...
Do support her. and give complement to me as well.okayy...
signing off,
~me looking ahead of the glory of your post~




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